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Company Reviews is an initiative from JobStreet.com that allows candidates to share their experiences of working inside a company with each other. We believe this information can help candidates make more informed choices about their career and allow employers to share information about their employer brand with potential employees. Our community strives to be open, fair and in the spirit of helping candidates find a company that will be a good fit for them, as such all posts from candidates and companies are subject to our community guidelines detailed here.
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Our Community Guidelines

Our aim is to provide a community platform where candidates can help other candidates by sharing insight into what it is like to work for a particular company. To ensure the reviews posted are helpful, we ask all posters to adhere to our community guidelines.
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Employer Engagement Guidelines

We encourage employers to join in the conversation about their company as we believe this is a great way to promote your employer brand and have constructive conversations with potential candidates. As such we offer a number of services for hirers to take advantage of. The details are in our employer guidelines.
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We believe in transparency. Your trust in our content is our main concern. Therefore, we want to ensure both candidates and employers understand the principles behind how we manage this community.
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