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Examples of applying our guidelines to reviews

1. Do not highlight or single out individuals for either praise or criticism.

We don't allow references to individuals. When deemed appropriate, and in the context of a balanced and helpful review, we will allow reference the executive management where they are considered to be synonymous with the company.
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"The CEO takes time to speak to all the staff in the office"
"The company recently changed president, I am not sure if the new one is better than the last"
"I worked closely with the management of the company and that really helped to guide me"
"The boss never had time for me."
"My team leader David was really great, I really enjoyed working for him"
"Nicole S was always difficult, wouldn't take the time to solve my problems"
"The team leader of online customer service had a long time off sick meaning I had to do more work"
"Best worker by far was John, he rocked!"

2. Always be respectful.

Our community strives to be a safe and inclusive way to share honest opinions. We will not allow hateful, aggressive or racist sentiments or language to be posted. Any allegations of discrimination or harassment should be raised with the appropriate authority.
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"I really hated working here, I was always glad to finish for the day and dreaded Monday mornings"
"This company is a bad employer, they offer no support or development, to them you are simply a worker drone"
"Language barrier working with international colleagues was always an issue, and meetings always timed to suit their timezone which was unfair"
"All female colleagues, males never get hired. Sexual discrimination and harassment is wide spread and serious"
"Racism is a daily occurrence due to difference of religion"
"As soon as you go over 40 years old company wants to fire you, nothing to do with performance just your age"

3. Do not make allegations of illegal activity.

We are not well placed to verify the accuracy or extent of any allegations so these should be raised with the appropriate authority.
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"I think the values and culture in this company are questionable, their was lots of politics and I felt people were being dishonest"
"We had challenges dealing with difficult staff, the number of HR complaints was very big"
"I never trusted our manager as to me there were always issues being raised in our team but others didn't seem to have a problem"
"The boss used company money to buy horses and luxury cars (a Porsche) for own consumption."
"The company hires illegal foreign workers to keep costs down"
"Corruption by management is massive, they are all guilty of fraud."
"Everyone is always stealing from the company, money goes missing most weeks"

4. Do not reveal company secrets.

Some information is privileged and important to keep private, any information that is considered to be sensitive will not be posted. You have to be aware of the terms and conditions of company confidentiality that maybe in your employment contract.​
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"The company has grown a lot in the last few years, it has doubled in size and seems set to continue"
"Since the merger there have been a few teething issues but for me not much changed"
"When my branch closed I had to relocate, it was difficult settling into a new environment with new people"
"In my five years here I never got a bonus as low as last year"
"We lost a key client and that has really hurt cashflows."
"There have been early discussions about layoffs, I am not sure which departments will be impacted yet but I hear it will be a lot"
"I have been working on a deal to buy our main competitor for RM10M, we are negotiating now to get the price down"
"The company owes a lot of money to creditors and I can't see how it is going to pay"
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