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Employer Company Profile Guidelines

We want to create the opportunity for all employers to promote their employer brand and take part in the conversation about their workplace.

The Company Profile Page

We strive to be the only place candidates need to come to learn about companies they are interested in working for. To do that we have created company profiles to share company information and insights from current or former employees.
We have created these pages using information provided by candidates, employers and other sources across the web.
As an employer you can claim your company profile for free, this allows you to;
1. Promote your employer brand - you can share key information about your company’s mission and values, as well as add branded content such as the banner. This information is very useful for candidates considering where they like to work and can help you attract the best candidates.
2. Respond to reviews - we believe hearing from employers is a really valuable way for candidates to understand the company’s point of view. A well considered response to both positive and negative feedback can really show you are listening to employees point of view as an employer who cares. All responses are governed by our community guidelines (detailed below).
We believe in an open and helpful community with the purpose of helping fellow candidates make informed choices about where they would like to work. As such we moderate all submissions to ensure they adhere to our community guidelines. But we do not fact check or verify any statements or claims as they are solely based on the opinion of the reviewers. In the interest of fairness, we do not allow companies to remove or edit any of the comments posted.

Responding to reviews about your company

We encourage employers to have their say and be a part of the conversation with potential candidates by replying to reviews. This is FREE to all hirers by logging into their hirer account.
To respond to reviews you need to be logged into your employer account and have authorization to reply on behalf of your company. If you don't have an employer account please follow our sign up process.
When you are on your company profile page you will see a button next to each review for you to read the full review and provide your response. We ask you to identify who you are to make the experience more personal, this will sit alongside your response.
Remember when replying to a review that you are doing so as a trusted ambassador for your company in a public forum. A good employer response contains;
1. Acknowledges the reviewer for sharing their views- by thanking the reviewer you set the response on a positive note. Remember that you should always strive to be polite and professional, not aggressive or defensive.
2. Addresses the specific points raised - a generic reply doesn't really imply that you are listening, so if you are taking the time to reply it is best to talk directly to the reviewer. Acknowledge any positive feedback, and with any negatives share what you have been doing to improve.
3. Finish on a positive - try to close your reply with some positive news on your company that you think is relevant to the reviewer.
These responses are subject to our community guidelines but are published as quickly as possible. You can't edit an already submitted response but you can delete it and resubmit if there is anything else you'd like to add.
Responses to reviews can be reported in the same way as any candidate comments so may be removed for review temporarily or permanently if we feel anything is outside of our community guidelines.

Does this provide the information you were looking for?

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions in relation to posting comments and reviews in our community.
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