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Our Community Guidelines

To ensure we provide an experience that is in the spirit of helping other candidates find the right company fit for them, all content posted is subject to review based on our community guidelines.

Community Guidelines for Company Reviews

Our aim is to provide a community platform where candidates can help other candidates by sharing insights into what it is like to work for a particular company. Each review and any subsequent comments from the company should follow these guidelines.​
Respectful – content should not contain profanity, threats, violent references, sexual, prejudiced, aggressive or hateful sentiments and any other comments or language deemed inappropriate for our community. Similarly any allegation of, or reference to, racism or illegal activity should be raised with the appropriate authorities and hence will not be posted.​
Balance - we believe every place of work will have both good points and areas to improve upon. Therefore we ask each reviewer to present a balanced view of their experience. Any review deemed to be malicious or suspicious by presenting a biased point of view may not be posted.
Authentic – each review has to be related to the first hand working experiences with a specific employer. Any reviews found to be fraudulent or duplicated will not be posted. All content should be original and not quoted from other sources such as (but not limited to) other websites, social media, email, other reviews etc.
Relevant – the purpose of company reviews is to help other candidates. All content should be in reference to the working experience at the specific company in question. Any content deemed to be off topic, such as generalised discussion or relating to customer service experiences of interactions with a company or JobStreet.com will not be posted. Any content that reveals company secrets or intellectual property will not be posted.​
Anonymous – we believe each reviewer has the right to speak openly and honestly without fear of reprisal, so every review captured is displayed anonymously. Similarly we will not allow any review that names or identifies specific individuals in any way unless they are deemed to represent the public face of the company i.e. CEO or President.
Non-commercial – any reviews promoting products and services of a company, containing URLs, email links or telephone numbers, or deemed to have been incentivised to be provided will not be posted.
Language – currently, we are only able to accept posts written in English or the local language of the website. We don’t check grammar or spelling. Every post will be displayed ‘as is’ without any editing. We will be adding additional languages in the future to help more candidates find great companies across Asia.

How we moderate the review posted

To ensure our community is posting content that is in the spirit of helping each other, we monitor all content posted based on our community guidelines. Your trust is our primary concern, so neither JobStreet.com nor the company in question can alter or edit reviews. They are posted as submitted.
1. Review is posted by candidates – using the review form e.g. reviews.jobstreet.com.my candidates can share their experience about working at their current or previous employer.​
2. Review is evaluated by our technology – each review submitted is checked for appropriateness using our technology.
3. Review is read by our team of moderators– each review is evaluated with moderation rules based on our community guidelines. Any content that is deemed inappropriate is blocked and not posted to the site. We are not able to evaluate review content for accuracy or verify facts, the opinion of the candidate is simply posted as submitted.
We understand that there may be rare instances where review that our community may deem inappropriate does get posted. To help us manage these cases, we have a report function that allows the community to help us maintain the quality of the information posted to our site.
4. Reporting a Review – any user of our site can report a review. This report will be flagged in our system and reviewed as per our moderation procedures. Where we find a review is inappropriate, we will remove it from display on our site.​

Does this provide the information you were looking for?

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions in relation to posting comments and reviews in our community.
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