JASAWALI SDN BHD (Classifieds)

JASAWALI SDN BHD (Classifieds)

General & Wholesale Trading

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4 out of 54.0
3 years ago

Internship student

Jul 2019

Internship student

Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Less than 1 year in the role, former employee

You need to learn everything here before you want to be an executive

The good things

I learn everything about maintenance, QS, and also management. If I have any problem, they will give me a chance to solve it by myself first. Then they will brainstorm the idea together with me. The environment is okay as long as you are not troublesome to you team and colleague,
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The challenges

Just give a better environment to others. I know sometimes your job might be easy, but it is better to do it slowly because if there is a mistake from your technical work. I am afraid that the customer will run away from your service.
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