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4.3333 out of 5
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Employee reviews

4 out of 54.0
5 years ago

Marketing assistant

Feb 2018

Marketing assistant

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Less than 1 year in the role, former employee


The good things

I learnt so much here during my time as a marketing assistant. I dunno about anyone else, but I think only business-minded people can take each other's mentality aspect. The manager was very good and taught me lots of new things. Given that my advantage of a quick learner. I literally understand learnt pretty quickly about the company's procedure of doing things and its core marketing strategies.
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The challenges

Sometimes, the work given or assigned to you can be a bit, a bit overwhelming. You just have to have good management on things, relax, take the opportunity as learning process and enjoy!
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Company overview

About Us


Nutrition Pro is well known fast growing Sport Nutrition Supplement retailer and wholesaler. Our company objective is educating more people to be healthy and fit with the right supplement knowledge. In Nutrition Pro, we look forward to carrying all your favorite brands along with a wide range of protein, protein bars/snacks, BCAAs, pre-workouts and essential vitamins and minerals to help aid recovery and support your general well-being. We are very committed to provide our customers with the BEST products, LOWEST price, FASTEST delivery with HIGHEST customer satisfaction!

Company history


Since year 2011, lawrent cheong founded nutrition pro and only started at selling online. Through hard work, dedication and the support of our loyal customers, we are currently the Malaysia's biggest leading Sports, Health and Bodybuilding supplement retailer and wholesaler. Besides a successful e-commerce business, we also have 12 outlets throughout Malaysia while still growing rapidly! We believe health supplement supposed to be affordable for everyone and most important we share our passion and knowledge with our customers. 


In nutrition pro, we believe “never stop to improve ourselves” Our annual sales is over 7 digit annually but we are looking forward to hit our record every year! Moreover, we have customers in Indonesian,Taiwan,Singapore and many countries in south east asean. We are looking forward to grow beyond the boundaries. 

Nutrition Pro is not only selling supplement and also contribute to support bodybuilding in the society such as attended nutritionist programs, joined some events like Mr Malaysia Bodybuilding competitions, sponsor and organized some of competitions. 

Singapore’s Nutrition Pro Pte. Ltd. is our next step forward in business growth and expansion. We truly appreciate the enthusiastic fitness culture in Singapore and are thrilled to be part of the market trend while ensuring we deliver genuine and value for money products island-wide.

Our Vision


  • We aim to be biggest sport Nutrition Company in Malaysia and expand to more countries in SEA. We also want to Increase health conscious consumer in Malaysia and educate the right supplement and knowledge to transform more people to healthier life.  
  • Build a professional team from scratch and believe in teamwork.  
  • In our fast growing expansion, we hope to attract more talent that willing to grow with company together, willing to work hard for the team and company


Our mission

  • We are here to help people to live a healthy lifestyle. We educate customer here the right knowledge in supplement and training. We are here to build a healthy life style society.  
  • Educate our teammate to learn more about bodybuilding and nutrition so we can help people to get a healthy lifestyle.
  • Constantly training and learn from mistake. Never stop learning to be better.
  • Nutrition Pro always aim to have a comfortable and friendly environment for all the teammate. We do not have "staff" in company but we call everyone as TEAMATE. We work hard together , learn together and achieve goal together by helping each other. In order to make sure company to growth, we make sure our teammate to learn and grow first!
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Why join us?

What we care the most is the attitude and not your education. 
We will give you more than just general company's generous salary system & there are additional:
  • Additional bonus quarterly based on performance 
  • Yearly salary increment based on performance
  • Entrepreneur mindset training
  • Travel and learning opportunity 
  • Work happily with a team of passionate, growing young people
If you agree to the value ,
  • Never stop to improve ourselves
  • Willing to take action and responsibility
  • Set own goal and achieve it
  • willing to work hard and smart
  • Believe in systematic and team
As we expand across the country, we are looking for the next person who can be spontaneous & has the professional ability to join us & become a part of our team.
If you do not have attitude above, please do not contact us. 
Please send your resume to
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30 Jalan Medan Ipoh 5 Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh Ipoh Perak Malaysia

Company Size

1 - 50 Employees


Miscellaneous allowance, Education support, Sports (e.g. Gym), EPF & Socso,Annual Leave,High sales commission,On the Job Training Provided

Dress code

Uniform, Black Jeans or Jordan pants & Sport Shoes

Spoken language

Malay, English & Mandarin

Work hours

12:00PM - 9:00PM

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