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3.3362 out of 5
Ratings by 482 Startek employees


3.3362 out of 5
482 ratings in total
130 of employees rated the company 5 stars

320 of employees rated their salary as Average
56% employees recommend this employer to friends
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Employee reviews

5 out of 5

Customer service executive

Dec 2019

by Customer service executive on Dec 2019

A comfortable atmosphere

The good things

Employees who are trusted and given proper training to those who are new to the job and seeking experience.
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The challenges

That challenge that must be faced when working is when you receive a call from a customer whether positive or negative.
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4 out of 5

Real Time Analyst

May 2018

by Real Time Analyst on May 2018

Overall, it can be considered as well and fine company.

The good things

Fun and casual environment. Easy to cope with the surrounding even there is mixed culture in the company. Suggested to those who would love to try to work at mixed culture environment.
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The challenges

Not much actually. Just like a normal company. Maybe a bit on those who aren't familiar with working on shift hours.
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Company overview

Startek is a leading global provider of technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions. The company provides omni-channel customer experience management, back office and technology services to corporations around the world across a range of industries. The company has more than 45,000 outsourcing experts across 54 delivery campuses worldwide that are committed to delivering transformative customer experiences for clients. Services include omni-channel customer care, customer acquisition, order processing, technical support, receivables management and analytics through automation, voice, chat, email, social media and IVR, resulting in superior business results for its clients. To learn more about Startek’s global solutions, please visit
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Why join us?

We have a very compelling Employee Value Proposition - ‘Get-Set-Go’ which aims at attracting competent and passionate individuals, and providing them the space to ideate, create and actuate. We set people up for success by enabling them with multiple learning opportunities, enriching their job profile on one hand, and rewarding and recognizing their contributions on the other. We provide multi-cultural exposure, international work opportunities and a plethora of career avenues within the organization which results in overall growth and development of our people thereby converting them into our brand ambassadors.
  • Internal Job Posting: opportunity to apply for a transfer within Startek Malaysia or to other Startek locations worldwide at the discreation on Management.
  • English classes available.
  • Fully equipped gym with aerobics studio & shower facilities - For Ara Damansara office ONLY
  • Rest & relax area (pool, foosball, etc)
  • Monthly fun and exciting activities for employees (pool & bowling competition, treasure hunt, etc)
  • Daily free shuttle service from office - certain locations ONLY
  • Daily free shuttle service around office vicinity (pick up and send home) - certain locations ONLY
  • Work permit application, renewal and cost will be processed & borne by company at the Management discreation.
  • We are located nearby shopping malls and housing area
  • Company will source for accommodation for foreign employees if required.
  • Startek hires from across the globe so there is an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and ethnicity (Europe, Asia Pacific, etc)"
  • It is an experience not to be missed at Startek.
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Company Size

2001 - 5000 Employees


Miscellaneous allowance, Sports (e.g. Gym), Performance Incentive Scheme

Dress code

Business Casual

Spoken language

English & Bahasa Malaysia (Others based on operations need)

Work hours

Based on business needs

Average Processing Time

15 days

Jobs in Startek

Startek does not have any active jobs right now.

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