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5 out of 55
6 years ago

nurse aide

Jan 2018

nurse aide

my experince at clinic

The good things

I like this jobs because i can help patient like my family one day
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The challenges

Full work. But never mind, im happy all my work because i like
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5 out of 55
7 years ago


Mar 2017


Seremban Negeri Sembilan Malaysia
Less than 1 year in the role, current employee


The good things

The challenges

everything good
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Company overview

NSCMH Medical Centre (NSCMH) is a non-profit Private Medical Centre established 82 years (1932) ago.  NSCMH Medical Centre was founded by the local Chinese Community as a Maternity hospital for all races. Over the years, our hospital transformed into a multi discipline medical centre which provides affordable private medical care for local Malaysians of all races. It is located strategically on a hill top less than 1 km from Seremban town.
In the year 2010, new buildings were built and new medical equipment, IT and HIS system were implemented in the hospital. The uplift of the new buildings were completed in late 2011 and re-opened to business in November 2011.

The objective of NSCMH Medical Centre is to provide private medical care to the general public at an affordable cost. NSCMH Medical Centre is managed as per guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
The hospital have various services including:
* 24 Hours Accident & Emergency ( Including Trauma)
* Physiotherapy (fitted with state-of-the-art computer aided equipment which provides immediate printout
   progress report)
* General X-Ray, MRI (0.35T), CT SCAN (128 slices), Mammogram and Ultrasound
* Health Screening
* ICU & CCU Wards
* Immunisation
* Labour & Delivery Facilities
* Medical, Clinical & Pathology Laboratoty (Blood Lab)
* Operating Theatre Facilities
* Outpatient Services/Family Health Care
* Pharmacy
* 24 Hours Ambulance Services for Local & Outstation
* 24 Hours Nursing Care
* Women's Wellness Care
* Paediatric Ward
With a whole new face lift, friendly and attentive staff, clean and comfortable environment, brilliant and experienced doctors, NSCMH Medical Centre has now returned to it's golden days recently in the beginning of 2014 with a New Management Team. We are looking into potential young and dynamic candidate to join our hospital in line of our expansion.
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Why join us?

“We are seeking young and potential candidate who are able to contribute their strenght to this organization."
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Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail Seremban 70200

Company Size

201 - 500 Employees


Medical, Miscellaneous allowance, Parking, Reward program for staff

Dress code


Spoken language


Work hours

Mondays-Fridays and Saturday

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