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4.409 out of 5
Ratings by 829 Telekom Malaysia Berhad employees


4.409 out of 5
829 ratings in total
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Employee reviews

5 out of 5

technical assi

Oct 2019

by technical assi on Oct 2019


The good things

good team work, good management, also good surrounding to getting work together
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The challenges

not to much challenges, only on site its little bit dangerous
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4 out of 5

Technical Assistant

Jun 2017

by Technical Assistant on Jun 2017

A very good start for fresh-graduate-to-intermediate working experience.

The good things

Working in a broadcast engineering operation building is very mindfully challenging from time to time in terms of technicality and experience. When there is an issue, you need to have kept your focus sharp and ready to execute a collective sollutions. In another word, this situation will train yourself to be very precise in decision making and critical in analyzing a problem.
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The challenges

Compared to other well-established broadcasting company, this company's product is yet only been around for some years. Therefore, there is much to catch upon in the broadcasting industry in terms of the latest technologies and their applications. Basically, it is a very good place to start with and start off your career journey here.
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Company overview

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), Malaysia’s Convergence Champion and No. 1 Converged Communications Services Provider, together with webe, its Centre of Excellence for Mobility, offers a comprehensive range of communication services and solutions in broadband, data, fixed-line and mobility. As a market leader, TM is driven by stakeholder value creation in a highly competitive environment. The Group places emphasis on delivering an enhanced customer experience via continuous customer service quality improvements and innovations, whilst focusing on increased operational efficiency and productivity.
Leveraging on our extensive global connectivity, network infrastructure and collective expertise, TM is well positioned to propel Malaysia as a regional Internet hub and digital gateway for South-East Asia.
As a multiple award winning model corporate citizen committed to good governance and transparency, TM continues its pledge to ensure the integrity of our processes, people and reputation as well as the sustainability of our operations. Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) ethos reinforces responsible behavior in the four main domains of the marketplace, workplace, the community and the environment. With a focus on ICT, the Group further promotes 3 major platforms i.e. education, community/nation-building and environment, through our Reaching Out programmes.
TM looks forward to continue serving customers with its comprehensive suite of offerings, delivering a seamless digital experience and integrated business solutions to meet their lifestyle and business communication needs - towards making “Life and Business Made Easier for a Better Malaysia”.
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Our New Vision
To make life and business easier, for a better Malaysia.

Our New Mission
We deliver Life Made Easier
  • To customer, through converged lifestyle communication experiences
  • To businesses, by collaborating with and supporting them with integrated solutions
  • To the nation, by supporting social-economic development through education, innovation & social initiatives

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Why join us?

With a Group workforce exceeding 27,000 employees, TM has always been an organization that recognizes the immense contributions of its people, leading to constant growth and lasting success throughout all these years. As an organization we are fully committed to developing our people in order to meet the demanding challenges of the business world as well as welcome new members to the TM family to share and contribute to our continued achievements and success.
Therefore, a career with TM Group offers big potential to grow through a well-guided development programme involving multi-disciplinary skills and competencies.

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Company Size

More than 5000 Employees


Medical, Sports (e.g. Gym)

Dress code

Business (e.g. Shirts)

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Work hours

Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays

Average Processing Time

23 days

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