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Netis Technologies Co., LTD

Computer/Information Technology (Software)

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Company overview

Since its inception, Netis Technologies Co., Ltd. (Referred to as: Netis) has been continuously exploring network products and technology innovation and breakthroughs, focusing on the wire data field, business and network performance management. Netis is a company that uses big data technology to conduct business and network performance management. In 2017, Netis was rated as one of the world’s coolest product vendors by Gartner.

Netis products guarantee more than 20 billion transactions every day. Netis has always been committed to enabling every customer in the world to realize the mission of “stable and worry-free operation and maintenance, and operating what you think”, and accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Netis boasts 16 branches in China with its overseas headquarter in Singapore.

Huawei launched Financial Partner Go Global Program(FPGGP), joining hands with those competent partners in financial sectors who are willing to cooperate with Huawei and integrating the experience and technological innovation capabilities of Huawei and its partners in financial digital transformation to build industry-leading solutions together to expand the global market. Netis, as one of FPGGP's 7 members, shares global business opportunities with Huawei. Up to 2022, headquartered in Singapore, we have established an overseas business layout extending to the globe and expanded business opportunities with central banks, payment institutions and head banks in more than 30 countries on five continents. Besides, we have completed the cooperation with the head office of DBS and other high-quality banks to escort customers' digital transformation. Netis AIOps features fast deployment, full coverage, high intelligent, optimal performance, supported by outstanding business technology teams and presented with successful overseas cases.

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