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Company overview

Hi! We are V Invest, the proud founder of Bull Bear Analysis (BBA) and we help investors in getting their foundation right in the stock market through financial/investment education and software

At V Invest (BBA), our mission is to allow every investor to treat the stock market as a ground for actual profitable investment because we personally have known and seen too many examples where investors are still losing in the stock market game even after attending so many ‘branded’ classes and learning from so many ‘branded’ gurus or worse losing their money in financial scams. 

In short, we are looking to REVOLUTIONIZE the financial/investment education industry and we believe we will be the standard, the benchmark, and the most trustable and logical choice in the market.

We have many big ideas and projects we want to execute for us and investors - that's why we are looking for people who believes in our vision and mission.

One day, we'll live in a world where V Invest will become a platform for all sorts of investments - where you THINK INVEST you will THINK V INVEST because V is just like "WE" where it means “everyone invests”.

If this doesn't excite you, we may not be a good fit and that's fine :-)

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Why join us?


Your personal development and professional skill set improvement is our utmost priority.

That's why at V Invest, we do our best to help every team member to grow in their area of expertise AND of course you get to become more financially and investment savvy (You are exposed to all the proper investment and stock market skills basically free while there are people paying huge bucks for it)

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3, Towers Corporate Office Tower,, T3-19-12, The 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang,

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