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4 years ago


May 2019


Taman Puchong Prima, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
1 to 2 years in the role, current employee

Teaching at a Home Schooling Centre

The good things

The employer has a hands on approach to everyone and all things related to education. He has immense knowledge and is versatile with many subjects. Extra teaching hours are always scheduled for the benefit of students and the aim is to turn good students into great students. The wealth of educational resources is immense and readily available for educators and students.
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The challenges

Teachers could use more benefits, perks and facilities. Some teaching aids can be included and others improved.
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Company overview

VisiTutor had its early roots in homeschooling with the Cambridge IGCSE programme. Today, with over a decade's worth of experience and several 'Top in the World' and 'Top in Malaysia' awards, we continue to see education as a life-transforming experience for our students.
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Smart Casual

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Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays

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