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2 out of 52
4 years ago

Business development

Dec 2019

Business development

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
1 to 2 years in the role, former employee

Poor management of staffs

The good things

Allowances are paid on time, products have good future
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The challenges

Management cannot think out of the box. Senior manager lack of experience ended up less marketing activities with excuse company has no financial support.
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Company overview

Vital & Living Pharmacy was established more than a decade ago in Malaysia . Our unique brands and Products widely recognized by Malaysian consumers and trusted for offering quality products at affordable prices. Our extensive range of health and beauty products and our customer-driven focus approach have enabled us to maintain our strong position in the market.
Vital & Living Pharmacy earns trust from every customer by ensuring that we provide excellent products and services at competitive prices. 
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Why join us?

  • Great Working Enviroment 
  • Good remuneration 
  • Rewarding career for good performance 
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Company Size

1 - 50 Employees



Dress code

Formal (e.g. Shirts + Ties)

Spoken language


Work hours

Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays

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