Jess Tan Law Chambers (Skudai)

Jess Tan Law Chambers (Skudai)


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Jess Tan Law Chambers (Skudai) 陈伶慧律师馆 is a Conveyancing, Litigation and Corporate Law Firm based in Skudai, Johor Bahru, specialised in Sale and Purchase Agreement on sub-sale properties, residential, commercial and industrial properties, Housing Loan Agreement, Refinancing, Transfer of Properties, Tenancy Agreement, Drafting of Business and Corporate Agreement, Share Sale Agreement, Shareholders Agreement,  Partnership Agreement, Employment Agreement, Divorce and Family Matters, Will and Last Testament, Probate and Letter of Administration of Estate Matters, Small Estate Distribution, Tenancy Dispute, Breach of Contract, Good Sold and Delivered Outstanding Claim, Business Conflicts, Accident Claims etc.
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Our Conveyancing Department is expanding and we are looking for Experienced Conveyancing Clerk to join us. Atrractive salary, remuneration and bonus commensurate with experience, soft skills, follow-up skills and ability to liase with clients.
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